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post-post-Trigger Mind: to Kole

This post began as a reply to Kole’s comment on the last post, but it’s long and builds on posts of the last year, so I’m adding it here. You may want to read her comment first. One thing I must say, thankfully, is that I’m not triggered that much anymore. It’s rare. I was […]

ramified mind: when you realize (part ii of ii)

Last time detailed the deepest dissociative experience I’ve had while also observing it. That was kind of cool. Why dissociative bliss is not a great choice was in the coming down experience. When I left, I hadn’t completely grounded. It was noonish, and I hadn’t eaten yet. My blood sugar felt low (Ehrenreich is right, […]

ramified mind: when you realize

In response to the second piece on spirituality and dissociation, Kole asked: “Can you explain what to do when you realize that dissociation is blissful? what next? even though you want so bad to heal the dissociation, you realize there is pain to actually letting it go. what then?” My answer is the same as […]