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    yoga at home for the holidays

    Last week I was commiserating with a student who’d missed class about how difficult it is to establish a home practice. It took me about two years of consistent classes to really get into practice on my own. Establishing a daily home practice took not only dedication, but concentration. It’s much easier to make yourself […]

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    how to feel awesome [?]: self-soothing vs self-care

    There was some helpful, interesting feedback on the last post, yoga, self-soothing, and feeling what ails you, about how we often use yoga and meditation to stay right where we are rather than to help us see and behave more clearly. Giulia, an art historian, had two remarks. First, well, can’t we just have some […]

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    without overwrought mysticism or affected pep

    If you want to feel great, increase your happiness and change your body for the better, practice with Anastasia. She teaches by example at any level demonstrating her exceptional skills, she has a terrific sense of humor which makes her classes a pleasure to join, and regardless of your level, she will gently guide you […]

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    the daily minimum, at home

    Tuesday I shared a basic ten (ok, fifteen) minute class to practice at home. Today we have a slightly more vigorous ashtanga-based option. We’ll call it “the daily minimum +.” If you are just beginning to practice at home, make sure to the same things you’d do in a class. Turn off your phone. Take […]

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    yoga for insomnia

    Over a year ago I designed a class for insomnia, because a number of students asked what could help them sleep. I did a bit of research, but for the most part I offered what had helped me the most. Sometimes a pose just shifts me out of monkey mind toward slumber. I just did […]

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